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Are sand free beach towels better than cotton towels?

Beach towels are an essential accessory for anyone who loves spending time at the beach. But have you ever thought about the different materials that can be used for beach towels? There's your traditional cotton beach towel, which once it gets wet, is impossible to shake the sand off making it uncomfortable to lie on and difficult to pack up. This also means that half of the beach will be taken home with you.

Sand free beach towels on the other hand, are designed to prevent sand from sticking to the towel. These towels are made out of a special woven waffle-like microfiber that allows sand to easily fall off the towel, making it much easier to shake off, even when it is wet. This means that you can enjoy a comfortable, sand-free experience on the beach, and you won't have to deal with the hassle of trying to clean a sandy towel when you're ready to pack up and go home.

In addition to being sand free, these towels also have other benefits that make them the best choice for beachgoers. They are designed to be quick-drying, which means that they won't stay wet for long after you've left them out in the sun. This makes them a great choice for swimmers, surfers, and other water sports enthusiasts, who often need to dry off quickly between activities. Cotton towels are more likely to retain moisture due to the weave of the fabric therefore taking a lot longer to dry. Combine the time they take to dry with humid conditions and that is when the musty smell starts to creep in to these heavy cotton towels.

Sand free beach towels are also much more compact in comparison to a cotton beach towel, usually half the size. This makes them easy to fold up and carry with you to the beach. Which is especially convenient for travellers, campers and families who need to pack towels into a suitcase or backpack without taking up too much space. 

Overall, sand free beach towels are the best choice for anyone who loves spending time at the beach or by the pool. They offer all of the comfort and convenience of traditional cotton beach towels, without the hassle of dealing with sand. Whether you're a sunbather, swimmer, or surfer, a sand free beach towel is the perfect companion for your next beach adventure. Plus, it's lightweight, quick drying, ultra absorbent and compact, making it easy to carry in your tote bag or suitcase

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