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Welcome to Cheeky Winx!

We're Joel and Kalinda, the founders of Cheeky Winx.

Its hard to tell the story of Cheeky Winx without our own personal story first! We met at the start of COVID with a mutual love for adventure and fitness. If it wasn't for all the outdoor runs with the gyms being closed, we would have never met crossing paths during our once daily outdoor exercise allocation. Our first date was exercising together and since then we have been inseparable! 

With us both being active gym goers who love hiking and running we have found that all these activities we require a sweat towel. We caught ourselves both complaining about how ugly and useless all gym towels were and this is where we noticed there wasn't a market out there for a gym towel with a difference... and so the idea for Cheeky Winx was developed!

We set out with a mission to create the ultimate gym towel which would be lightweight, compact, ultra absorbent, odour free, quick drying but also fun to use and affordable!

After getting many tests of different materials, trying MANY different suppliers and going through countless designs... we finally brought our vision to life and launched Cheeky Winx in February 2021. From then we have now expanded into golf towels and who knows what's installed for the future. All we know is that we are extremely grateful and excited.

Thanks for being here and for supporting our small business! We hope you love sweating up a storm and using your Cheeky Winx towel as much as we have!

Whether you're into high intensity training, strength training, yoga, pilates, walking, running, tennis or any sort of sports - we've made sure our range of Cheeky Winx sports towels will work for you!