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Five gym towels every pink girl needs in their life:

Five gym towels every pink girl needs in their life:

Growing up were you the pink sister or the purple sister? If you know, you know! Introducing Cheeky Winx, where functionality meets fun. We've transformed gym towels, infusing them with vibrant colour and personality to add a touch of fun to your workout routine!


Here are the top five gym towels every pink girl needs:

1) Pretty in Pink (and Blue): This towel is made for the 100% pink-obsessed girly!

pretty in pink and blue gym towel Cheeky Winx


2) Pink Leopard: For those who want to live life on the wild (and pink) side!

pink leopard gym towel Cheeky Winx


3) Rainbow Swirl: It's like a rainbow paddle pop!

rainbow swirl gym towel pink Cheeky Winx


4) Unicorns: Everyone needs a little bit of magic in their gym bag!

unicorn gym towel pink Cheeky Winx 


5) Daisy Fields: Flower power vibes!

Cheeky Winx daisy pink gym towel flowers floral

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