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From pilates to lifting weights: Here are the top 5 grip socks you need in 2024

From pilates to lifting weights: Here are the top 5 grip socks you need in 2024

When to wear Grip Socks: 

Wearing grippy socks will enhance stability during reformer Pilates, mat Pilates, yoga or barre classes by securing your foot position with the grip on the socks. The socks also help prevent accidental slips on the machine, and help maintain challenging positions. Another perk of grip socks is that they save your precious tootsies from the horror of touching the cold, unforgiving gym floor during shoeless exercises. It's like a superhero cape for your feet!

What grip socks should you buy? 

1) Grippy Rainbow Swirl: For those who still have a soft spot for their inner child and reminisce eating rainbow Paddle Pop ice creams on a hot Summer day! 

rainbow swirl pink purple grip socks pilates Cheeky Winx

2) Grippy Daisy: The prettiest pair of pink daisy grip socks for those who love everything floral, pink and colourful!

daisy pink flower grip socks Pilates

3) Grippy Yoga Pups: For those torn between two loves: the Downward Dog yoga pose and their real-life, tail-wagging pooch.

blue dog grip socks pilates yoga Cheeky Winx

4) Grippy Crew Blue and Red: For people who are strictly against ankle socks! 

crew stripes pilates grip socks Cheeky Winx yoga

5) Grippy Sweet Donuts: For the delightful dessert lover. 

donut grip socks Cheeky Winx yoga

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