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How to choose the perfect beach towel for your next family trip?


You're about to go on holiday with your family and you're looking for the perfect beach towel to bring! Don’t worry, Cheeky Winx has you covered and let me explain to you why.

Firstly you want a beach towel that is lightweight and compact, therefore easy to pack away into your bag or suitcase without taking up too much space especially while you're travelling! Therefore making it easy to pack and carry with you on all your adventures whether it's going overseas, off to the beach or even outside to swim in the pool. 

Next on the list is that you want the beach towel to be the perfect size. This was a high priority for us when designing the beach towels as we wanted a beach towel to be long enough and wide enough to actually fit you when you laid down on it. As normally beach towels are 160cm in length which means half your legs usually extend over onto the sand which is the last thing you want when the sand is boiling hot in the middle of summer. So we designed our beach towels to be 180cm which is 20cm longer then most towels on the market! But we didn’t just stop there, we also included a whole new smaller size for kids at 140cm in length which is perfect for them to carry and dry themselves with.

Now let's talk about the features you want your beach towel to have which is all dependent on the type of material they are made out of. This is why microfibre towels win! The way the material is woven allows the sand to easily fall off.  This means that you can enjoy a comfortable, sand-free experience on the beach, and you won't have to deal with the hassle of trying to get sand off your towel when you're ready to pack up and go home.

In addition to being sand free, microfibre towels also have other benefits that make them the best choice. They are quick-drying, which is perfect for everyone who loves to get in and out of the water as it means that they won't stay wet for long after you've left them out in the sun. This makes them a great choice for swimmers, surfers, and other water sports enthusiasts, who often need to dry off quickly between activities.

But on top of all of this you also want a beach towel that looks cute and suits your style! This is something we specialise in with our wide range of both kids and adult funky beach towel designs ranging from dogs, donuts, palm trees, unicorns, dinosaurs and daisies!

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