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Mother’s Day Top Sellers

Mother’s Day Top Sellers

We’ve compiled a list of our best-selling designs to make Mother’s Day a piece of cake! You can also custom embroider any of our gym or beach towels to make your gift extra special and personalised!

Blue or Pink Checkers:
Is your mum more of a pink or a blue girl? Whatever her preference, we have the perfect subtle yet stylish socks for her next pilates or yoga class! These socks are also a wonderful present for grandma to help prevent falls!

Grippy Blue Checkers-Cheeky Winx-Best Selling-Gift Idea-Personalised-Cheeky Winx

Pink Leopard Gym Towel:
Know someone who can't get enough of leopard print? This gym towel is the ultimate gift for them!

Pink Leopard-Cheeky Winx-Best Selling-Gift Idea-Personalised-Cheeky Winx

Joy x Merindah Gunya:
This Gym Towel is the perfect combination of pink, purple and orange! The beautiful and vibrant design was created in collaboration with Aboriginal artist Merindah-Gunya! The beautiful patterns and swirls are sure to make Mum’s day!

Electric Leopard x Kasey Rainbow
Introducing the Electric Leopard x Kasey Rainbow gym towel - a vibrant and energetic must-have for anyone who adores bold prints and vivid colours. This towel is perfect for those who spread joy and positivity wherever they go!
Electric Leopard X Kasey Rainbow-Cheeky Winx-Best Selling-Gift Idea-Personalised-Cheeky Winx

Grippy Daisy
Daisy Dukes with Grippy dots on the bottom (that's how the lyrics go right!?) Our cute and comfortable Daisy non-slip socks are designed with special grippy soles that help you stick to your mat or reformer like glue, giving you the stability and control you need to nail those tricky poses and exercises. This pair is perfect for the pilates and yoga mum in your life!
Grippy Daisy-Cheeky Winx-Best Selling-Gift Idea-Personalised-Cheeky Winx

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