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Why a personalised beach towel makes the perfect gift!

Is there a birthday, anniversary or holiday coming up and you are looking for the perfect gift? Below are a few reasons why a personalised Cheeky Winx beach towel is at the top of the list!

Let's talk about why you can’t go wrong with our beach towels! With a wide range of funky designs including dogs, donuts, dinosaurs, unicorns you’ll be sure to find one for anyone, whether it's for adult or kids. Next is the size, our adult beach towels are oversized at 180cm instead of the regular 160cm, which means they are long enough to lay on when you're at the beach or lounging by the pool. The kids beach towels are slightly smaller at 140cm in length which we found was the perfect size for them to carry and dry themselves without the towel hanging over onto the floor.

Then there is the material, it is made out of special microfibre blend that is woven in such a way to give it some great characteristics such as:

  • Sand free, so if you accidentally kick sand onto it all you need to do is give it a flick and the sand will fly straight off. 
  • They dry fast which is perfect if you're in and out of the water as all you need to do is lay it out in the sun. 
  • Lightweight and compact making it perfect for any beach getaway or holiday as it folds down to almost half the size of a cotton towel.

But one of our best features is that we have the option to make it one of a kind by personalising it with a name, nickname or even a special meaning with our inhouse embroidery machines. With this added personal touch it turns any gifts into something unique and thoughtful! Some previous examples we have done are #1 Mum, Best Golfer, World's Best Father, Lil Sis and the list goes on! 

embroidery machine beach towel dinosaur kids sand free embroidery machine beach towel dinosaur kids sand free embroidery machine beach towel unicorn kids sand free

Other perks of gifting a personalised beach towel is that when it's embroidered you are less likely to lose it or if you leave it behind somewhere as it's easier for someone to identify its yours. As well, having a swim towel with a child’s name embroidered on it also makes it easy for the child to identify their own towel, especially when they have multiple siblings or they are at school swimming lessons.

Don't just take our word for it. See below for attached videos with the first link being behind the scenes of us embroidering a gym and golf towel order with the meaning behind it. While the second video is the grandparents reaction when they opened it at Christmas time. 

VIDEO 1: Personalising an order for someones Grandparents.

VIDEO 2: Grandparents reaction of them opening it. *Beware, you may cry happy tears*


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